Sirimim – the Improvement of the Pharmaceutical Art tis a nonprofit civil society. It basis on the Spiritual Science of Anthroposophy from Rudolf Steiner.

The society’s main purpose is the creation of a College of Pharmaceutical Science extended by the Anthroposophy, in order to graduate pharmacists, who should be stimulated to the research and development of the new Anthroposophy’s medicine (new raw material, new processes of manufacturing and so on).

Sirimim is a word with Tupi (Brazilian’s Indian language) terms which means:

Sy = mother, origin

Y = water

Syryk = the flow of the liquid

Siriri = the sound of the flow

Mr, mim = suffix which means little, diminutive.

Then Sirimim means reverberation of the primordial fluidness that we welcome it with affection in our soul.

The activity of Sirimim’s research aims to concept and manufactured medicine based on the therapeutically processes connected to Chemical’s Ether or Sound Ether. We will explain it, but first of all we need to remind some concepts.

A – Medicines which the raw material doesn’t suffer any transformation

The Allopathy proclaims that the medicine is manufactured by the pure physical – material substance. In this way, this substance will be given directly to the patient.

B – Medicine which the raw material is subjected to a external transformation

The Homeopathy takes this physical substance, and conducts it through the pharmaceutical processes to the element’s dominance. This means:

Firstly, we grind this substance to a fine powder. This fine substance has now behavior like a fluid. It flows from one recipient to other in the same powder. This fine substance has now behavior like a fluid. It flows from one recipient to other in the same way such as the liquids. This substance is being, in a sequence, diluted and grinded until it becomes completely soluble in water. Finally the initial solid substance turns to the aqueous element, and it continues to be, in a sequence, shaked and diluted. In this way, this substance, which is now in aqueous elements, begins to connect with the air. According to this, the temperature rises during this process. The manufacturing of the homeopathic medicine conducts the earth substance to the dominance of the Elements.

This substance, once terrestrial, now passes through the scope of aqueous, aerial, and finally caloric elements thanks to the process of dynamization. We remark that this described processes we had already mentioned have a physical nature and no chemical nature, in other words, the dynamization acts in the substance from the outside.

We have already expounded in a previous work that medicine which its raw material suffers an external change, for example Homeopathy, connect with the elements, and the process in which the raw material suffers an internal transformation is connected with the Ethers.

C – Medicine, which the raw material firstly is, subjected an inner transformation

There is four different ways to this inner transformation of the raw material take place: through the activity of Heat’s Ether, Light’s Ether, Chemical’s Ether and Life’s Ether.

The Spiritual Anthroposophy Science has been developed new preparation process of medicine, which the foundation is in this Ether’s Theory, but we need to point that this process, mainly the process that uses Heat’s Ether, is not exclusive from the Anthroposophy.

Medicine developed from the heat’s ether

There are lots of pharmaceutical processes that are able to process the raw material through the heat, such as: Infusion, Decoction, Distillation, Incineration, Sublimation, and so on.

Samuel Hahnemann had many medicines developed, in which the initial substance for dynamization had already passed through an inner heat’s process transformation. For example: Hepar Sulphur and Causticum. Rudolf Steiner suggested the use of the highest temperatures in which a metal should sublimate, in order to make a “prepared” metal.

These medicines developed from the Heat’s Ether bring to the patient two actions: the medicine’s activity and the Heat’s Ether activity.

Medicine developed from the light’s ether

These medicines are developed by this following way: the vegetal juice becomes medicine through a process, which has rhythmic alternation between heat–cold and light–dark. All the vegetal medicines from the laboratory Wala and the Weleda’s “Rh” products use this process, which is restricted to the vegetal kingdom. This process allows that a patient gets the forces from the light’s ether.

Purpose of the Sirimim

Medicine developed from the Chemical’s Ether

We know that a melody is not a single sound, but an amount of several sounds. And between one sound and the other is a little break, a “chaos”, a transition between the notes. In the same way, there is also a break, a “chaos”, a transition state between the reagents and the product of reaction. On account of this, we connect these new medicines with the Ether of the Sound or the Chemical Ether. Here is purpose: The raw material that we use should be in this special situation, in this embryonic condition, vitalized. This process allows the patient to get the forces of the Chemical’s Ether.

For example, there is a raw medicine material AB. The Allophathy will use AB in its crude state, in its physical – material condition, and finally this product will be given directly to the patient. The Homeopathy will use the raw material AB and will also dinamize it. And the Anthroposophy previously treats the substance AB through this heat’s process or the heat and light’s process.

Let’s have a look of this way to get the raw material AB:



                                                   A                     B


        A2   +   B2                                                                               2AB


                                                   A                      B


        Reagents                          “Transition” state              Product of a reation




Here is our purpose: we will not use and old, ready, finish raw material AB but we will use a young, embryonic, almost alive (but not yet), almost finish (but not yet) , in this “transition” form; you all know that this moment, the reaction is developing, the reaction had already begun, but it hadn’t finish.

Al this point, this substance in transition state is able to receive the Cosmo’s forces deeply. We had serious difficulties in order to maintain this substance in this transition state while we dynamized it.

Each medicine was created after a great study within pharmacists and the doctor’s. We have periodic meetings, in order to study new diseases and evaluate the medicines.